I have been in the Mortgage and Real Estate industry since 2002. I have worked hard to learn the business from telemarketing, to loan processor, to broker assistant, and now a proud Realtor®.

I became interested in the real estate business through my father's eyes. He began by purchasing our family home in the bay area when I was just a little girl. His second property was a land purchase in Manteca, before homes where even built. It was just land to us, but it was much more to him. It was an investment to his children’s future. He would tell me how blessed it felt to own a piece of God’s good earth, and that one day it would help us, his five children, in getting our education. Though he knew little about buying, he continued working with different agents and bought regardless of the process.

My father always wanted one of his children to help him learn this process and I loved the idea of having a piece of God’s good earth. I was the chosen one! I was the one that studied; worked in a mortgage company to learn the ins and outs of the lending business. I enjoyed working with escrow agents, title companies and processed the information needed to successfully complete the transaction. The more I learned, the more excited I was to take the next step. Real Estate!  Again, I studied and enjoyed working with clients, friends and family. My father now owns five properties with multiple units on each one. My father learned the hard way to purchase and sell property, but now with my education in mortgage and real estate he has a better understanding.

While learning the business, I experienced that I can make a big difference in so many different types of clients, a family, a first-time buyer, a new couple or just an American Dreamer. God’s good earth is abundant and my goal is to create a smooth, stress-free and pleasant experience in buying or selling a piece of that earth to each of my clients.

I am a strong believer of conducting business with the highest-level possible of professionalism, honesty, integrity and faith. My clients are quick to refer me to their families and friends; this is the greatest compliment I may receive as a Realtor®. I have a positive attitude and eagerness to get the job done and I look forward to helping you to achieve your real estate goals.



P: (209) 480-6005
E: Servin@TheDelRealGroup.com



CalBRE Agent Lic. No. 01794688