"The Strength Of Teamwork."

The #DelRealGroup is a broker associate group at PMZ, which completes more transactions than any other brokerage in the Tri-Valley; The #DelRealGroup has been the top producing team at PMZ for the past 9 years and counting. The strength of our team, and the marketing techniques we put in place allow us to remain the top team at PMZ and the Tri-Valley altogether. 

Daniel Del Real - Broker Associate

Indalecio "Andy" Del Real - Realtor®

Carlos Gutierrez - Realtor®

Patricia "Servin" Martinez - Realtor®

Sonia Gutierrez - Contract Manager

Don Wright - Realtor®

• Chris Sauls - Realtor®

Michael Meneses - Realtor®

• Amanda Stallcup - Realtor®

• Joseph Bondi - Senior Advisor

Emma Mendoza - Executive Assistant

• Ellie Valencia - Listing Coordinator

• Randy Thomas - Marketing Manager / Software Engineer

• Fernando Noriega - Marketing

Our cutting edge marketing will help your home stand out from the rest on the market! Many agents simply take photos of your property (most likely with a cell phone), post it on their brokerage site, and pray that it sells; We like to take a different approach. Coca Cola Company sells products that are priced at 99 cents a piece, yet they spend a ton of money on marketing, making every product stand out from the competition around them. We believe, that since we are marketing a product that is priced around a quarter of a million dollars and above, why wouldn't we market that property the best we can! We hire a professional photographer & videographer to take photos and HD video of your house (with aerial footage and photography), and we build every single property a website with its own personal domain name! We market strategically to very specific demographics and locations, and we follow up on the analytics to see who is viewing your property from location, and which ad they are being targeted by so we can strengthen our marketing to pinpoint the best demographics possible! 

Click here to see a sample website. 

Video Tour Sample

*NEW* Drone Footage

HDR Photography

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The #DelRealGroup has sold nearly 2000 properties accounting for over 250,000,000 in real estate sales in the central valley utilizing the #DelRealGroup's cutting edge marketing techniques. 

But don't take our word for it...